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Portable Smoke Purifier

Portable Smoke Purifier

★★★★★ 761 Reviews
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⦿ filters 97% of smoke & odors

⦿ traps grease, oils, & chemicals

⦿ small, quiet, & adjustable

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Quickly eliminate all forms of smoke

ensuring immediate purification of fumes from indoor cooking, grilling, or smoking activities, leaving no residual odors behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the carbon filters eliminate 97% of all types of smokes, odors, & chemicals.

No, our smoke purifier is extremely discreet & quiet.

After multiple uses the filters may need to be replaced. Washing & cleaning them will allow them to last much longer.

Boost air quality by 300%

Our advanced carbon filter system captures harmful chemicals, preventing them from contaminating your air and creating significant accumulation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sincere Kshlerin
Verified ✔

I'm so pretty.
The price is good, the product is good, and the delivery is a little late.
I don't use it yet, but I feel good.
The packaging has been so good.

Celine Kuvalis
Verified ✔

Great product. I wonder if the suction is enough to cope with two table grills. I will know after Xmas .

Elody Jacobi
Verified ✔

It works well. I don't have a lot of wind to inhale because of the net in front of me.

Anastacio Jerde
Verified ✔

Vacuums and it really filters!

Dayna Brekke
Verified ✔

It's good. I think you can use the filter a few more times if you wash it with hot water and dry it.